He's 3.5 microns tall, and he's 100 million miles from home.

Three billion years ago, a microbe blasts off from his home planet propelled by a meteor impact and embarks on a remarkable journey across the inner solar system to find the way back home. 

Horses on Mars is a 7 1/2 minute computer animated 35mm CINEMASCOPE film produced at the University of Southern California School of Cinema-Television.  Completed in late 2000, it was produced for class credit in CTAN 548 and 549, a two-semester graduate-level animation production course in which students are required to animate a 2-3 minute production in any medium of animation they so desire.

Horses on Mars was modeled and animated using Maya 2.5 (keyframe animation), and composited with Maya Composer (on an SGI O2), courtesy of Alias|Wavefront.  It was the first student film at USC to use RenderMan, the groundbreaking rendering software developed by PIXAR.  Digital editing was done with Adobe premiere, while sound editing and mixing was done using ProTools.  Cast and crew were all fellow USC filmmakers, including narration and additional voice work. Music by Liquid Mind.

Is there life on Mars?  Did Mars ever have water?  Does life on Earth share anything in common with any life we may find on Mars or elsewhere in the solar system?  Does humanity have a future on Mars?   Good resources for these questions and inspirations for the film Horses on Mars

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